About Us

Local governments, schools and membership organizations care about their communities, yet they struggle to balance strong service levels and budgetary constraints. Staff is stretched, funding is tight, demands are rising.

You have three powerful and renewable resources: the insight and goodwill of the people you serve; the ideas and innovations of folks like you; the passion from knowing your work matters.

Cobalt Community Research is a 501c3 nonprofit, non-partisan coalition that helps local governments, schools and membership organizations measure, benchmark, and manage their efforts through shared data, high-quality affordable surveys, focus groups and meetings that use instant audience feedback technology. Cobalt uncovers trends, innovations and best practices across many fields to help you thrive as changes emerge in the economic, demographic and social landscape.

Start Building Today

We are here to help you innovate, adapt to changing needs, prioritize resources, and deliver service by giving you quality feedback from your most important resource – the people in your community.

Benefits for Your Community

  • Explore service assumptions.
  • Discover where you are weak and strong.
  • Allocate limited resources based on citizen and employee feedback.
  • Focus staff on core mission.
  • Measure and track performance.
  • Report results.
  • Build Trust.

The Cobalt Approach

  • Cobalt develops coalitions of local governments, schools, nonprofit organizations, and world-class corporations to provide high-quality research tools at affordable costs.
  • By developing coalitions, Cobalt gives you highly credible, proven tools that can fit easily into any budget
  • Cobalt programs offer a modular approach, so you can focus your time and budget on the information you need the most – you do not waste time or budget on research that is expensive and overly broad
  • By pooling information, you can learn from people like you who are producing superb results